A campaign is a set of image targets that have been grouped into the same folder. The campaign entity may stand for a book, magazine, catalog, packaging, and whatever editorial or marketing-oriented campaign.

When entering the campaign section, you will first view a mosaic of all your existing campaigns together with title, cover image and number of image targets included.

Presentation options let you display campaigns as a mosaic (default view) or a list, ordered by creation date (default view) or by alphabetical order.

To get into a campaign, just click on the campaign area you want to open.


Creating a new campaign

In order to add a campaign, just click on the green '+ New campaign' button, choose a name then click 'Create'. 


Campaign options and featured campaigns

You will find in campaign options some parameters which impact the displaying of Featured campaigns inside the mobile application.

Any user may rename the campaign title and/or change its description. Title and description are texts showing on the related cover image inside mobile app.

However only admin accounts will be able to feature a campaign. In order to do that you will need to click on the left corner star icon (only visible for admin account) to activate -in yellow- or desactivate a campaign. It will then display or disappear from the mobile application.


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